Layouts and Templates

Layouts and Templates

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Use our Premium and Custom designed layouts and templates for your websites. Choose from the best-curated collection of templates which has everything for the need for creating your website. Our Templates menu allows you to choose the most suitable layout form our extensive and unique layouts to create a template and customize it to suit all your business requirements.


Contents in a website are often displayed in multiple columns. In Smartwcm, a layout specifies how these columns are arranged to display the contents which are assigned to various widgets. The Add Template page under Template menu allows you to create a template and manage various widgets and decide where to display them in the website based on the selected layout and the contents to be displayed by adding widgets and their contents.

Add Template
Add Template


Once a layout is selected, you can save it as a template by giving it a unique name and description. It can be further managed by adding widgets to the various available position holders in the layout. Selecting contents to the various widgets that are added will complete the basic configuration of the website.
You can also select separate templates for separate contents in the same website which can change the look and feel of various contents in the website. There are also option to customize the templates selected for a content to add or remove certain widgets without having to change the original template


Widget in Smartwcm is a small web page component with limited functionality that decides the content of a particular area in the website. A website is created by adding multiple widgets to a template created by selecting a layout.In short, the contents added to each widgets arranged in the required way as a template is the website presented to a user.
The Manage Widget Contents option allows you to create new widgets. In Smartwcm, there are two types of widgets based on their contents, namely Custom Contents - custom HTML data can be added to these widgets, and Web Contents - only existing web contents can be selected as contents to these widgets.

Add Template
Add Template


Smartwcm based websites are responsive websites, which means the websites can be views in all devices of various dimensions without its contents being disrupted during the view. The base to achieving this functionality is the layouts used in Smartwcm.
All our layouts are responsive resulting in responsive websites.Responsive designs aim at creating web pages which can detect the size of the screen of the visitor and change the layout accordingly to fit the screen.
Most of our templates are responsive templates. We can help you to make your templates responsive as well. For more information on responsive templates, watch the video.