Smartwcm Cloud Premium

Smartwcm Cloud Premium

The Smartwcm Cloud - Premium plan comes with a custom layout giving you effective flexibility on choosing the look and feel of your website. The rest of the services remain about the same as the basic plan.

Cloud premium

Upon signing up for the Smartwcm Cloud - Premium plan, our service engineers will run the initial configuration of your website on the Smartwcm Cloud environment but unlike the basic plan, you'll be provided with a set of templates to choose from. Alternatively, we can build you a custom layout template based on your ideas and suggestions. On the other hand, if you already have a pre-designed template, we can use that as well. True premium flexibility!

At this stage, once the layout and template for your site have been selected, we will allow 3 revisions until the template can be finalized, after which, we will provide you with the .PSD file. Again, as in the basic plan, the myriad menu navigation and the links to different pages will be discussed and finalized. Over and above this

Each layout template and .PSD file will be charged accordingly with the plan.
Our experienced Content Writers can help with your web content for a fee per page, up to a total of 50 pages.
Our Web Designers and Graphic Artists can assist in creating custom images for a fee per image.
Contact us for more details on our pricing.

Smartwcm Cloud Premium

Custom/Premium layouts
No servers to manage
Pre-designed template modification
Plan based charges for each Layout template and .PSD file
Web Content Writing
Image Designing
3 revisions to the content
Support material on how to manage your site and the content.
8 hours intense training sessions.
SEO Guidelines

Smartwcm Cloud Standard

Once the contents are ready and approved, we integrate it with the respective pages and place the pages under the right navigation menus. The support material is always available on how to manage your site and the content.

At the end of the implementation, you will be provided access to 8 hours of intense training sessions, which have to be completed within a month of the initial sign up. This training program will cover topics that will help you manage the site and its web contents. A priceless addition to this plan is our detailed guidelines to make your site search engine optimized (SEO).