Smartwcm On Premises

Smartwcm On Premises

On Premises Features

With the convenience of the Smartwcm - On Premises plan, you will have exclusive access to the Smartwcm applications for a one-time fee per Operating System.
Additionally, there will be a licensing fee per year for the use of our cloud services.
You will get Subversion Repository access to the Smartwcm application code base which consists of Smartwcm-Web, Smartwcm-Admin, and Smartwcm-Jetway.
Our Service Engineers can provide you with on-site and off-site support to configure the Smartwcm applications on your server environment for an additional charge.
Contact us for more details on our pricing.

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On Premises Specifications

One time fee per Operating System

Cloud Services

Subversion Repository access

Unlimited Support on-site and off-site